The Port Authority was founded in 1996, as the first port authority in the Republic of Croatia, to manage, develop and use the port of Rijeka, as a port open for international public transport. Due to its size and importance, it was nominated a port of special international and economic interest for the Republic of Croatia.

The management and the planning of the strategic development of the port of Rijeka are the main activities of the port authority, while all the economic functions were taken over by the numerous concession holders, i.e. private enterprises, which is in accordance with the economy’s transition towards the market economy.

Based on the Law on Maritime Domains and Seaports, the port authority undertakes the following activities that comprise:

  • Taking care of building, maintaining, managing, protecting and improving the maritime domain representing the port area,
  • Building and maintaining the port’s shoring,
  • Expert surveillance of the of building, maintaining, managing and protection of the port area (port’s shoring and superstructure),
  • Provide for a constant and free performance of port traffic, the technical-technological unity and safety of the port area for navigation, as well as for the order in the port,
  • Provide for the services of general interest or services for which there is no economic interest of other business subjects, (port guarding, fire protection etc.)
  • Reception of waste from vessels and the organization of its disposal,
  • Coordination and supervision of the work of concessionaires in the port area,
  • Making of decisions as regards the establishment and management of free zones inside the port area in accordance with regulations governing free zones,
  • Issuance of concessions and permits,
  • Other activities established by the law.