The Port of Rijeka is a multi-purpose port facility capable of handling almost any type of cargo.

The port system operates within the Kvarner Bay at the following locations:

  • Rijeka – conventional general cargo, grain and phosphate terminal, fruit terminal
  • Sušak – container terminal, conventional general cargo, timber
  • Bakar – bulk cargo terminal, Ro-Ro terminal
  • Raša - Bršica – livestock terminal, timber terminal and hinterland warehouse Štalije
  • Škrljevo – hinterland warehouses
  • Omišalj – oil terminal
Rijeka basin
It was here, in the Rijeka basin where the earliest activities related with port operation started. This part of the port is situated right in front of the city core, from Mlaka in the west to Delta in the east.
The major part of the capacities installed is intended and equipped for handling and transshipment of conventional general cargo. The capacities in this part of the port comprise the following facilities: grain silo, phosphate and conditioned cargo terminal, warehouses for iron products, paper and other type of merchandise.
The inner part of the Rijeka basin is developed as passenger port. There is a completely new, recently opened, passenger terminal which also includes the port control centre with the latest Vessel Traffic Managing System (VTMS). A component part of the passenger port is the Rijeka breakwater, recently renewed and opened as a new and attractive city spot – a 1750 m long foreshore promenade -giving the citizens the chance to visit this part of the harbour.
Fishing port
In order to solve the problem of the insufficient port area for fishing boats and have the fishing fleet relocated from the existing port facility, there are plans for the infrastructure works to be carried out in order to modernize and reconstruct the boat harbour Torpedo. The planned activities should be regarded as a part of the project for development of fishing port and the fish exchange.
Sušak basin
The Sušak basin consists of two parts; the old part of the port currently used for receiving and handling conventional general cargo and timber, and the new one with container terminal. We are talking about the modern container and Ro-Ro terminal Brajdica which was put into operation in 1978. The terminal now needs further development and there are plans for its extension and modernization.
Bakar Port basin
The importance of the Bakar port basin ensues from the port operations taking place at its bulk cargo terminal and Ro-Ro terminal for handling general cargo and from its good traffic connections with the new hinterland warehouses in the Škrljevo area.
The bulk cargo terminal occupies the north-eastern part of the Bakar bay ( Podbok locality). It was opened in1967. The water depth of 18 m along the Podbok berth makes it possible for the terminal to accommodate vessels up to 150.000 DWT.
Ro-Ro terminal for general cargo is situated at the Goranin pier,on the western coast of the bay. It is equipped for handling the cargo stored in the hinterland warehouses in the Free Zone Škrljevo – Kukuljanovo, and they together create a traffic and technological system.
Raša port basin
The Raša port basin is a specialized terminal for loading and storage of timber and transshipment of livestocks. In the Port of Rijeka there is a long tradition in the traffic of timber and timber and wood products. It was the Sušak Port basin where the entire traffic of timber and wood products had been conducted as recently as until 1979. However, with the traffic constantly growing and with no extra space at the existing premises, the solution had to be found outside of Rijeka. Thus, the terminal in Bršica to handle sawn timber, having an annual capacity of 250.00o tons, was built.
A specialized terminal adequately equipped for dealing with livestock was built in Bršica 1982. It has two separate berths and covered stables able to accommodate 1000 bovine cattle heads.
The basin is provided with the rail and road hinterland connections. The water depth ( in the naturally sheltered bay) ranges up to 40 metres. In terms of space, there are good potential for the terminal extension.
Inland warehouse complex in Škrljevo
The warehouse complex in Škrljevo was built in 1978. It was primarily the problem of inadequate warehouse capacities in the Rijeka port that gave rise to its construction. Besides offering wide possibilities for longer storage of general cargo, vehicles and Ro-Ro trailers, the complex also serves to carry out industrial processing and finishing works of various commodities.
There are good rail and road connections for all warehouses. The complex and the terminal Goranin situated in 3 km away port basin Bakar, specialized for Ro-Ro and other general cargo handling, together create a technological system.
Port basin Omišalj
The port basin Omišalj with oil terminal operated by Jadranski naftovod (Janaf Plc) is located at Omišalj Bay on the island of Krk. Another terminal, that of petrochemical industry, is located at the nearby Sepen Bay. The oil terminal is designed and equipped to meet an annual capacity of 24 mil. tons of oil. It consist of two deepwater ( 30 met) unloading berths suitable to accommodate tankers of 350.000 DWT max. capacity. The tanker off-loading berths has each a max. loading/unloading capacity of 20.000m3/h.