December 30, 2017

Connecting European Facility – POR2CORE  – Zagrev Deep Sea container terminal

Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure – Zagreb Deep Sea Container Terminal (POR2CORE-ZCT)


Programme Year of call                Member state  Project coordinator Agreement number Implementation period
CEF Transport 2016 Croatia Port of Rijeka Authority 2015-HR-TM-0032-W Oct 2016 – Dec 2020



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Project “Upgrade of the Rijeka port infrastructure – Zagreb Deep Sea Container Terminal (POR2CORE-ZCT)” contributes to the development of the Port of Rijeka as one of the core ports in the Mediterranean through ensuring the efficiency, sustainability and multimodality of freight transport. The project was applied to the second call of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Traffic 2015, Cohesion envelope, Grant Agreement no. INEA/CEF/TRAN/M2015/1138367 was signed on 18 November 2016 between the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency and the Port of Rijeka Authority, thus ensuring 85% of co-financing from the European funds. The total value of the project is 31,6 million EUR.

Reconstruction of the cargo section of the Rijeka railway station and construction of the terminal for railway intermodal transport at the Zagreb Pier Container Terminal is planned in three stages:
• The reconstruction of the cargo section of the Rijeka railway station includes the reconstruction and extension of 12 tracks and pull-out tracks, construction of cable sewage, installation of telecommunication cables, power and lighting cables, works on the contact grid, as well as works on the lower structure in order to improve the bearing capacity and drainage of the foundation (investor HŽ Infrastruktura).
• Construction of track facilities connections and cable sewage in the area of the connection of reconstructed tracks of the Rijeka freight station and terminals to existing state (investor Port of Rijeka Authority).
• Construction of four 400-m long tracks on the new part of the Zagreb Pier Container Terminal and two tracks for portal cranes (investor Port of Rijeka Authority).


1. Reconstruction of the cargo section of the Rijeka railway station
2. Adjustment of the railway lines link between the railway station Rijeka cargo and the existing railway network of the general terminal
3. Construction of a modern and efficient intermodal terminal at the Zagreb Pier Container Terminal
4. Supervision
5. Communication
6. Project management


The upgrade of the port infrastructure’s main objective is to support the growth of the port of Rijeka as an important part of the North Adriatic
Multiport Gateway, in order to make it an efficient, sustainable and multimodal entry and exit point for cargo transport.


On 4 July 2020 – A construction contract was signed with the company SŽ Železničko gradbeno podetje Ljubljana d.d in the amount of HRK 199,402,960.51 (including VAT).



Maximum EU share Estimated total cost    EU share in co-financing  Progress Transport corridor Transport mode
€26,849,056 €31,587,125  85%  Ongoing  Mediterranean Maritime


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