Horizon Europe – ATLANTIS

January 23, 2023

Acronym and the project title: ATLANTIS – Improved resilience of Critical Infrastructures AgainsT LArge scale transNational and sysTemic rISks

Program: Horizon Europe

About the project:
Reliable, robust, and resilient operation of Critical Infrastructures (CI) is a pre-requisite for the integrity of vital elements in our society as well as the security, well-being, and economic prosperity of Europe, its citizens and businesses. EU Security Union Strategy for the period 2020-2025 identifies the protection of CI as one of the main priorities for the EU and its Member States. However, CIs have become very complex, operating in a rapidly evolving societal, technological and business environment.

ATLANTIS aims at enhancing resilience and Cyber-Physical-Human (CPH) security of the key European Critical Infrastructures (ECI), going beyond the scope of distinct assets, systems, and single CI, by addressing resilience at the systemic level against major natural hazards and complex attacks that could potentially disrupt vital functions of the society.

The project includes 39 European partners, which mission is to improve the resilience and the protection capabilities of interconnected ECI exposed to evolving systemic risks due to existing and emerging large-scale, combined, cyberphysical threats and hazards, guarantee the continuity of operations, while minimizing cascading effects in the infrastructure itself, the environment, other CIs, and the involved population, enabling public and private actors to meet current and emerging challenges by adopting sustainable security solutions.

ATLANTIS will offer security to cross-CI, cross-sector, cross-border interdependent ECIs by considering the complete infrastructure as a distributed, large scale Cyber-Physical System (CPS) and System of Systems, calling for combined and integrated security management. Its sustainability and acceptance does not only target economic impact in a cost-benefit analysis and financial business continuity, but also considers environmental and societal impact both by actually offering cybersecurity and ECI protection from system risks but also by offering the feeling of security to EU citizens. ATLANTIS will also consider a novel Preventive Security as a Service (PSaaS) business model to offer protective services against (natural or manmade) short term incidents and risks or longer systemic threats.

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