Harbourmasters´ office

    The Harbour masters´ offices are the subdivisions of the Ministry of the sea, transport and infrastructure within the department directly
    responsible for carrying out the activities of the safety of navigation and surveillance of the maritime property.

    The Harbormasters´offices perform tasks in accordance with the Harbormasters´ Act (OG 118/18 – effective from 1.1.2019) regulating the
    territorial organisation and organisation of the work of the port harbour masters´offices, determining the tasks of navigation and
    surveillance of the maritime property and the organisation of their performance, the rights, obligations and responsibilities of officials and employees in the performance of these tasks, their legal position, inspection powers and other matters relevant to the work of port captains and the performance of their work.

    The following activities shall be carried out in the area of maritime safety and navigation on the port of Rijeka:

    Harbour masters´s office Rijeka, with headquarters in Rijeka, for the area of Primorsko-goranska County
    Harbour masters´office Pula with its headquarters in Pula, for the area of Istria County


    Harbourmasters´office in Rijeka


    The Harbour masters´office in Rijeka carries out surveillance activities on inland waters and territorial sea, search and rescue of human life and property at sea, inspections of the safety of navigation, inspection of seafarers, ship registration and shipwreck operations, maintenance of ship registration, the ability to navigate, calibrate, record and delete boats, carry out ship bookings, issue maritime charters, set up seafarers’ professional qualifications for seafarers, issue and maintain records of issued authorisations for ships and other administrative, professional and technical activities of sea-going safety under a special law and other regulations.

    Habourmasters´office Rijeka / Lučka kapetanija Rijeka
    Senjsko pristanište 3, 51000 Rijeka
    Tel: 00385 (51)214113, Fax: 00385 (51)211660
    e-mail: kapetanija-rijeka@pomorstvo.hr


    Port harbour master: Darko Glažar

    Head of inspection department:
    Vladimir Malnar
    tel. 051 212 474
    fax. 051 212 696

    Head of department for maritime traffic:
    Edo Kovačević
    tel. 051 214 031
    fax. 051 313 265

    051 211 422
    051 211 537

    Harbourmasters´ office Pula

    Riva 18

    52100 Pula

    web site open!

    Maritime traffic  00 – 24

    Port harbour master: Dolores Brenko Škerjanc

    Department for inspection:

    Tel.: 052 535 876; 052 535 881; 052 535 882; 052 535 882
    Fax: 052 535 888

    Voditelj Odjela:
    Mirko Gruber v.d.
    tel/fax 052 222 037
    tel. 052 535 870


    Head of department:
    Mirko Gruber v.d.
    tel/fax 052 222 037
    tel. 052 535 870

    Ivica Lazarić
    tel. 052 535 881