About us

The Port of Rijeka Authority is a non-profit institution for the governance, development and use of the Port of Rijeka. The Port of Rijeka Authority manages the development of port capacitates and is competent for granting concessions to private concession companies for economic activities in the area of the Port of Rijeka, i.e. port basins Rijeka and Sušak, basin Bay of Bakar, basin Omišalj Bay on the island of Krk and basin Raša in Istria.

This large port area, operated by the Port of Rijeka Authority, was declared a port of special (international) economic interest to the Republic of Croatia  in 1996 and became the most important national port for international transport. Within its area of competence for the whole area, the Port of Rijeka Authority operates in all aspects of management, strategic planning and development of the construction and use of the Port of Rijeka.

After Croatia joined the European Union, the Port of Rijeka became part of the main European TEN-T network. On the Mediterranean corridor it took over the status of the main, core port, and its inclusion in the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor is underway. The main goal is to develop the Port of Rijeka as one of the most important transit ports in the northern Adriatic for European markets which naturally gravitate toward it. The Port of Rijeka Authority implemented a number of capital projects, including infrastructure projects for the construction and upgrade of the railway infrastructure in the port. This will improve the connectivity of the port and the hinterland, and speed up the transport on the Rijeka transport route. Strategic development seeks to contribute to the transformation of the Port of Rijeka into a strong intermodal centre in the northern Adriatic.


  • Container Terminal Adriatic Gate – Basin Sušak open!
  • Container Terminal Zagreb Deep Sea – basin Rijeka New!
  • Terminal for general cargo – basin Rijeka open!
  • Terminal for grains – basin Rijeka open!
  • Terminal for liquid cargo in Omišalj open!
  • Terminal for general cargo, livestock and timber in Raša open!
  • Terminal for bulk cargo in Bakar open!
  • Ro-ro terminal Goranin – Basin Bakar open!
  • Port passenger terminal open!
  • Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure open!
  • World Bank open!
  • European Commission – Infrastructure – TEN-T – Connecting Europe open!