Marine Police station

Territorial jurisdiction of the Maritime Police Station includes the marine area of the internal sea waters, covering the Bay of Rijeka, the Vinodol Channel, the Vela Vrata, the Kvarner and Kvarnerić, with a total surface area of 2 200 km2 and a permanent international maritime border crossing of the 1st category “Rijeka”, total area 459 500 m2. The state border at sea extends in length of 25.5 Nm. The Border Sector monitors, analyzes, coordinates and organizes the implementation of measures and solutions in police affairs at the state border, airports and seaports open to international traffic, territorial sea and inland seas. It monitors the implementation of the regulation on oversight and crossing the state border and monitors, analyzes and coordinates work on illegal migration.


Marine Police Station Rijeka
Riva 16, 51000 Rijeka
Phone: +385(51)337 325
Fax:      +385(51)439 170