December 20, 2017

Connecting European Facility – POR2CORE  – Adriatic Gate Container Terminal

Development of the multimodal platform in the Port of Rijeka and interconnection with the Adriatic Gate Container Terminal (POR2CORE-AGCT)


Programme Year of call Member state  Project coordinator Agreement number Implementation period
CEF Transport 2016 Croatia Port of Rijeka Authority 2016-HR-TMC-0067-W Oct 2017 – Dec 2020



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The obsolescence of railway infrastructure, its severe damage and the ever-increasing instability obstructs the efficiency of everyday port activities taking place in the Rijeka basin. The goal of the programme measure is the expansion of operational area by reconstructing the railway infrastructure which connects the terminals and piers in the Rijeka basin. The mentioned measure is part of the global project for the development of the Port of Rijeka on part of the Mediterranean Corridor of the European Union’s core transport network.
The reconstruction of the railway station and the construction of the new container terminal will significantly affect the existing railway station capacity and ensure technical interoperability requirements in accordance with Directive 2008/57/EC and the interoperability technical specifications for the conventional railway system of the Trans-European Rail Network.


The contract for the works on the project of Development of the multimodal platform in the Port of Rijeka and connection with the Adriatic Gate Container Terminal (POR2CORE-AGCT) worth 220.751.649,34 HRK was signed by HŽ Infrastruktura and the Port of Rijeka Authority on 19 April 2018 with the Joint Venture of KOLEKTOR KOLING Ltd. and EURO-ASFALT Ltd.


• Development of transport services and infrastructure on the main TEN-T corridors of the EU transport network
• Improvement of transport connections between Croatia and the EU
• Facilitation of rail freight transport to/from ships in accordance with the requirements of interoperability and intermodality
• Support for the development of North Adriatic ports, including the Port of Rijeka, into efficient and sustainable exit/entry ports for container and other freight traffic by better connecting with the Mediterranean, Rhine-Danube and Baltic-Adriatic Corridors of the EU’s TEN-T network


• Upgrading of the railway infrastructure and improvement of the connection of the Port of Rijeka with the transport corridors of the basic EU’s TEN-T network
• Supporting the modal shift of containers from the road to the rail
• Upgrading of railway infrastructure to increase the loading/unloading capacity of the Port of Rijeka in the freight container transport by rail


1. Project management
2. Supervision
3. Working design
4. Disassembly and removal of the existing infrastructure
5. Reconstruction of the facilities and drainage systems
6. Reconstruction of the area
7. Reconstruction of railway tracks and cranes
8. Communication and visibility
Activities are developed in parallel with other measures designed to raise the railway infrastructure in the Port of Rijeka supported by the CEF programme, which contributes to the improvement of port activities, as well as facilitating cargo transportation.


  • On November 23 in 2015, a Grant Agreement no. INEA/CEF/TRAN/M2014/1044613 was signed between the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency and the Port of Rijeka Authority, thus ensuring 85% of co-financing from the European funds. The total value of the project is €35,556.000,00 with the maximum EU contribution of €30,222.600,00.
  • On 19 April 2018, a Contract was signed for the execution of works on the project “Development of a multimodal platform in the Port of Rijeka and interconnection with the container terminal Jadranska vrata” in the amount of 275,939,561.68 Kn (including VAT) million Euros, of which 85 percent is co-financed by the European Union, ie from the CEF financial instrument, and the remaining 15 percent by national funds. The contract was signed with the Joint venture kolektor Koling d.o.o. (Slovenia) and Euroasfalt d.o.o. (BiH)


Maximum EU share Estimated total cost    EU share in co-financing  Progress Transport corridor Type of transport 
€30.222.600,00 €35.556.000,00 85%  Completed   Mediterranean Maritime

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