December 20, 2017

Connecting European Facility – POR2CORE – Bulk Cargo Terminal Bakar

Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure – Terminal for Bulk Cargo Bakar (POR2CORE-BCTB)


Programme Year of Call Member state  Project coordinator Agreement number Implementation period
CEF Transport 2016 Croatia Port of Rijeka Authority 2016-HR-TMC-0171-W Oct 2017 – Jul 2021



Letter from the European Commission  open!
The project “Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure – Bulk Cargo Terminal Bakar” enables the reconstruction of the outdated railway infrastructure in the area of the terminal for bulk cargo in Bakar. The project is developed parallel with other projects for the improvement of railway infrastructure in the Port of Rijeka, which will contribute to improving port activities and facilitating the transport of goods.


1. Project management
2. Supervision
3. Execution design
4. Removal of the existing infrastructure
5. Reconstruction of the facilities and drainage systems
6. Reconstruction of the area
7. Reconstruction of railway tracks
8. Communication and visibility


• Reconstruction of the railway track, transport and storage areas and supporting communal infrastructure in the area of the bulk cargo terminal Podbok – Bakar basin
• Improvement of the connection of the whole Rijeka basin with the railway network in the hinterland and indirectly with European corridors by removing the existing outdated and operationally inadequate railway infrastructure



February 14, 2020 – The Contract for the execution of works was signed between the Port of Rijeka d.d., and the companies GP Krk d.d., Colas Rail Croatia and Colas Rail SAS. The total value of the contract is HRK 48,494,157.43 (including VAT).

March 16, 2020 – the Agreement for technical and administrative support services in the management and promotion of the projects “Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure – Rijeka Basin” and “Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure – Bulk Cargo Terminal Bakar” was signed. The total value of the Agreement is HRK 2.6 million.


Maximum EU share Estimated total cost    EU share in co-financing  Progress Transport corridor Transport mode
€5,180,464 €6,094,664 85%  Ongoing  Mediterranean Maritime

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