CEF – Connecting European Facility

Connecting European Facility (CEF) is a financial instrument for the period 2014-2020, established for additional investment in the European Union’s infrastructure priorities in the areas of transport, energy and digital technology. It was designed for the purpose of strengthening and modernizing the current network infrastructure in the European Union. Apart from existing, structural and cohesion funds, Member States have the option of withdrawing additional funds from the CEF instrument, which will finance projects on nine Corridors of the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T). Also, the CEF’s second goal is to enable the EU to achieve a 20% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions % by 2020, to increase energy efficiency by 20% and to raise the share of renewable energy by 20%. In the 2014-2020 programming period, it has a budget of 29,32 billion EUR (of which 23,2 billion are for transport, 5,12 billion for energy and 1 billion for telecommunication networks). In the transport sector, emphasis is put on removing bottlenecks and connecting missing links, ensuring sustainable and efficient transport systems over a longer period, improving integration and connectivity of different transport branches and increasing interoperability.

The total value of the Port of Rijeka Authority’s development projects co-financed by the Connecting European Facility (CEF) amounts to 136 million EUR. The projects relate to the modernization of the railway infrastructure and construction of new intermodal capacities in the Port of Rijeka, the reconstruction of general cargo piers and implementation of the Port Community System.



  • Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure – Port Community Information System (POR2CORE-PCS) open!
  • Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure – Basin Rijeka (POR2CORE-Rijeka Basin) open!
  • Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure – AGCT dredging open! 
  • Studies to upgrade the Rijeka Port infrastructure – Prague Pier Extension open!


  • Development of the multimodal platform in the Port of Rijeka and connection with the Adriatic Gate Container Terminal (POR2CORE-AGCT) open!
  • Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure – Terminal for Bulk Cargo Bakar (POR2CORE-BCTB) open!
  • Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure – Terminal for General Cargo (POR2CORE-GCT) open!
  • Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure – Zagreb Pier Container Terminal (POR2CORE – ZCT) open!