Customs administration

The Customs Administration performs the Customs Administration as an administrative organization within the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia. Among other things, the service carries out customs supervision of foreign goods, supervision of domestic goods placed in the process of being exported or placed in a free zone and a customs warehouse, and supervision of products subject to special taxes. Carries out customs procedures and determines customs-approved treatment or use of goods. Some of the many obligations are also the task of calculating and collecting customs, tax, excise and other duties on import, export and transit of goods; determination of customs value, origin of goods and classification of goods in the nomenclature of the Customs Tariff in accordance with the applicable regulations and international agreements; customs supervision and verification of the use of goods exempt from payment of the allowance; prevention and detection of misdemeanors and other punishable acts; cooperation in the implementation of foreign trade, foreign exchange, sanitation, phytosanitary, veterinary and other activities related to cross-border trade in goods and persons.


Customs office Rijeka port – Brajdica
51118 Rijeka, Croatia
Tel: +385 51 525 108
Tel: +385 51 525 176
Fax: +385 51 525 175



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