Membership in international associations enables the Port of Rijeka Authority equal cooperation and development of commercial and promotional activities that guarantee greater competitiveness and representation on the international market.


This Association consists of the Port of Rijeka Authority, the Port of Split Authority, the Port of Šibenik Authority, the Port of Zadar Authority, the Port of Ploče Authority and the Port of Dubrovnik Authority. The development of individual ports within this system affects the development of the economy and vice versa. Therefore, the development and shaping of this Association is one of the important issues of national interest. With appropriate legislative measures and development programs, the state impacts the development of the port system. The establishment of the Croatian Association of Port Authorities enables the creation of the economic and legal bases for the development of the national port system and of individual ports within that system.



The Association supports the ports of the European Union member states and observers from several European countries. ESPO offers the possibility for all ports to have a right of vote in the European Union. Membership in ESPO helps to influence political bodies in the European Union in the context of creating a safe, ecological, efficient and sustainable European port sector.



A non-profit organization established in 1999 by eight major European ports for the benefit of ports and port communities. Today, the organization operates as a communication network that enables European ports to exchange ecologically effective solutions and to operate in joint projects concerning the sustainability of development in ports in the logistics chain they are part of. All ports that are active members of the ESPO association have an Eco Port status.



MedCruise is an association of Mediterranean ports for the reception of cruise ships whose mission is primarily to promote the cruising industry in the Mediterranean and associated seas. The Association supports members to use and enhance the development of the cruising industry by providing networked communications, organized promotion and services of their professional capabilities. The Association gathers around 70 ports in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Red Sea and the Middle East with the aim of promoting and developing the existing and potential destinations for attractive tourist cruises.



Along with MedCruise, CLIA is the most important association. It is an international association of shipping companies for cruise journeys which provides a direct link with the shipping agents. CLIA brings together the representatives of ports, tourist boards, cruise agents etc., so networking and communication with ports of similar experiences is possible. CLIA provides the Port of Rijeka Authority with an opportunity to focus its efforts on providing safe, healthy and sustainable reception of cruise ships while taking care of the environment.



On 29 November 2010, with the signing of the accession agreement in Ravenna, the Port of Rijeka was admitted to the North Adriatic Ports Association (NAPA), thus joining Koper, Trieste, Venice and Ravenna. In order to halt the further delay of the North Adriatic trade route in comparison with the North Europe route, a draft of NAPA documents was drawn up in which priority projects in the area of operational and infrastructural connection were established in the form of a joint supervisory body. The main motivation for the establishment and membership in the NAPA lies in the creation of a common window that will broaden the view of competitiveness of the entire port region of the North Adriatic by exchanging relevant information between port management systems and improving the quality of intermodal services. By doing so, the Port of Rijeka has joined an international port community important for the development of the Port of Rijeka and thus the Croatian economy.