December 20, 2017

Connecting European Facility – POR2CORE  – General Cargo Terminal

Upgrade of the Rijeka port infrastructure – Terminal for General Cargo (POR2CORE-GCT)


Programme Year of call               Member state  Project coordinator Agreement number Implementation period
CEF Transport 2015 Croatia Port of Rijeka Authority 2015-HR-TM-0399-W Jan 2017 – Dec 2020



  • Letter from the European Commission open!

The improvement of the port infrastructure at the general terminal in Raša is part of the Master Plan for the Development of the Port of Rijeka, and its implementation contributes to the improvement of port operations and the facilitation of the transport of goods. The main goal of the project is the reconstruction of the pier in basin Raša, in order to adequately respond to the current growth trend in timber transport.


1. Disassembly and removal of the existing equipment
2. Reconstruction of the pier
3. Mounting of track cranes on the reconstructed pier
4. Mounting of rails on the reconstructed workstation
5. Installation of equipment on the reconstructed pier


• Reconstruction of the southern part of the pier in a length of about 90 m and reconstruction of the second part of the pier in the northern part in a length of 74 m
• Positive impact on the safety and quality of service and capacity increase in the transhipment of general cargo



May 23, 2019 – a contract for the execution and completion of works for the reconstruction of the terminal for general cargo in the port of Raša was signed. Within the framework of the European project ” Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure  – terminal for general cargo”. The contract worth 46.850.197,16 HRK (including VAT) was signed by Port of Rijeka Authority and company MAP TRADE Ltd. .on behalf of the Bidder of the MAP – TRADE Ltd., and  Komunalne gradnje Ltd.


Maximum EU share Estimated total cost    EU share in co-financing  Progress Transport corridor Type of transport 
€3,132,042  €6,914,000 45%  Ongoing  Mediterranean Maritime

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