CEF-POR2CORE-GCT: Completion of works

February 26, 2021

New operational pier at the general cargo terminal in the port of Bršica in the Raša Basin

On 22 February 2021, a technical inspection of the second phase of the reconstruction of the general cargo terminal in the port of Bršica in the Raša Basin in the length of 74.40 meters was successfully completed. Within the European project “Upgrade of the Rijeka port infrastructure – general cargo terminal” co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), all planned works on the reconstruction of the general cargo terminal in the total length of 166 meters have been completed. This important infrastructure project was initiated in order to increase the capacity in transshipment of general cargo and improve the safety and quality of service in order to adequately respond to the growing growth of timber traffic in the port of Bršica.

The project was approved and co-financed in a share of 45.3% in July 2016 in the amount of 6,914,000.00 Euros, and after the prepared project documentation, obtained necessary location and construction permits, tenders for works and expert supervision were published. The contract for the execution of works was signed with the companies MAP Trade d.o.o. and Komunalne gradnje d.o.o. in the amount of HRK 58,562,746.45 (HRK 46,850,197.16 + VAT).

Under the expert supervision of Investinžinjering j.s.c. and the IGH Institute j.s.c. works on the reconstruction of the terminal began in July 2019, and were performed in two phases: reconstruction of the southern part of the pier in the length of approximately 96.60 m and  the reconstruction of the pier in the northern part in the length of 74.40 m.

Intensive construction works in both phases included key activities on demolition and removal of existing equipment, landscaping, installation of new reinforced concrete girders, construction of a completely new concrete slab, construction of crane tracks and tracks, drainage works and electrical works on the pier and below the pier and installation of new equipment. The existing load-bearing structure of the pier was completely replaced with the accompanying infrastructure (hydrant network,  drainage system, electric power installations, lighting poles, crane tracks and tracks) and equipment (cleats and plate bumpers). Along with the reconstruction of the pier, dredging of the seabed along the coast to a depth of 10 meters and the reconstruction of one pilot were performed.

The completion of all works have also marked the successful completion of the entire project “Upgrade of the Rijeka port infrastructure – terminal for general cargo” as one of the key infrastructure projects in the thorough implementation of the large investment cycle of the Port of Rijeka Authority.

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