General cargo terminal

The terminal for general cargo is located in the area of the old port centre of Rijeka. It has 11 berths, it is equipped with a large number of cranes with a capacity of 5-84 tonnes, 4 mobile cranes with a capacity of 40-63 tonnes, and can accept ships up to 30,000 DWT. Appropriate storage facilities, mobile cranes with a capacity of 6-100 tonnes, a large number of forklifts, lorries, tractors, trailers etc., as well as specialized terminal staff, allow simultaneous work on all ships berthed in the port. The terminal is intended for transhipment and storage of classic general cargo, but it also has specialized units for the transhipment of paper, timber, metallurgical products, dangerous goods, heavy loads, frozen and conditioned food as well as cargo processing capacities. Luka Rijeka d.d. performs concessionary activity at the terminal.


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  • CEF – POR2CORE – Rijeka Basin open!


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