Pre-accession funds

Until entering the European Union, activities were focused on better utilization of pre-accession funds as well as on preparations for the use of funds and on the preparation of new project proposals. Realized projects from pre-accession funds:


• Mednet

The project called Mednet – Mediterranean Network for Custom Procedures and Simplification of Clearance in Ports was financed from the European Regional Development Fund (IPA MED) in the amount of 6,5 million EUR for 18 partners from 9 countries, including Italy, Greece, France, Croatia, Cyprus, Albania, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain. The main goal of the MEDNET project was to establish and manage the network of port authorities and transport experts in the Mediterranean, and in the long run, the goal was achieved as a step towards the necessary harmonization in the area of port and customs procedures and simplification of customs clearance for vessels and cargo. A pilot project for the entrance/exit control at the Brajdica Container Terminal was developed. The total budget of the project was 5,853,547.27 EUR of which 85% was covered by the European IPA Fund.

• Greenberth

Along with the Port Authority of Valencia, the Port of Venice, the Livorno Port Authority, the Port of Marseille, the Port of Koper, institutions Feports, Hellenic Transport Institute, Uca, Europhar, Anova and Noatum, the Port of Rijeka Authority has implemented the Greenberth project focusing on energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources on the global level. The energy plan identified energy efficiency measures in the Rijeka basin – setting up solar photovoltaic cells, setting up solar collectors, outdoor lighting changes and pre-investment study of the cost of transferring certain transport vehicles to electric drive and compressed natural gas. The total project costs amounted to 1,616,115.00 EUR of which 85% referred to support from EU funds (IPA).


• Eco.Port – Noise characterization of ports: System for the control and monitoring of noise pollution in ports is a project co-financed from the 2005 PHARE programme, Adriatic cross-border cooperation between Croatia and Italy, PHARE CBC / INTERREG IIIA – Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme. As part of the project that took place in the Port of Rijeka Authority area, a series of acoustic measurements and strategic noise mapping were made. A sound level measuring device was acquired under the project. It will be used by the Port of Rijeka Authority in preventive acoustic measurements with the aim of accurately characterizing the observed noise sources in its area. The goal of the Port of Rijeka Authority is to establish an environmental noise management system that includes measurement, monitoring, mapping and management.
• “Border control of nuclear and other radioactive materials with stationary portal monitors” is a programme financed from the national 2006 PHARE programme. The project was implemented in co-operation with the State Institute for Protection from Radiation and the Customs Administration to strengthen the border control of nuclear and other radioactive material with the help of stationary portal monitors. The stationary portal monitors from this project will be set up at border crossings Bajakovo, Tovarnik, Port of Rijeka and Zagreb Airport.
• “Study on port waste reception facilities” is another project from the 2006 PHARE programme that is being carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, which will enable the establishment of a complete system for disposal of waste from ships in the ports of the Republic of Croatia. The Port of Rijeka Authority is involved as the coordinator for the implementation of this project in the Port of Rijeka area.