Standards of excellence

The Port Authority of Rijeka operates in accordance with the International ISPS Ordinance on the Safety of Ships and Ports. Handling, monitoring and inspection of hazardous substances is carried out according to IMDG code. With the new, modern VTMS Maritime Traffic Monitoring System, designing and building an ID card, an integrated information system and international performance monitoring of all current and future works,  Port of Rijeka Authority guarantees high standards of safety and control as evidenced by the ISO Quality System Certificates 9001: 2015 for the service of Rijeka traffic and the service in charge of the safety of port and port area and Environmental Protection System ISO 14001:2015.

Port community system (PCS system) is an electronic data exchange system that is introduced in Croatia for the first time in the Port Authority of Rijeka Authority. This is an electronic system that enables all users to make international connections with all subjects of port logistics business, timely integration into European and world merchandise flows, high level of business process reliability as part of global logistics chains, supervision and management of physical, administrative and documentary during commodity, messaging and information exchange in a fast, secure, reliable and confidential way.


The quality policy of the Port of Rijeka Authority is achieved through the long-term goals of the business policy, which implies responsible management of port resources and management of the construction, maintenance, management, protection and improvement of maritime goods that represents the port area. The policy must meet the laws and other mandatory regulations as well as the demands and needs of service users, business partners, state institutions and community institutions.

Careful attention is paid to the satisfaction of service users. The services must be top quality, timely, in accordance with the requirements, needs and expectations of the user. The quality of services is regularly monitored and improved, and management commits itself to permanently and responsibly improve its business in accordance with state-of-the-art technological achievements within its business.


The quality system objectives are implemented through the operational services, which establishes, documents, monitors and improves the quality management system and introduces the internal information system over the intranet and WEB presentations. Likewise, it carries out port security related activities in order to prevent terrorist attacks and ensure increased security of ships’ and cargo ships on ships and in ports. It is constantly making sure that all persons residing in the port area operate in accordance with the Port Security Plan and the security standards in force.

This system guarantees the proper performance of the tasks related to the application and implementation of the provisions on the handling of dangerous goods in the port, the conditions and the manner in which the cargo is carried out, the loading and unloading of the cargo and the manner of preventing the spread of the expired oils.

The system improves the performance of the oversight and control of the legality of entities operating in the port area and ships arriving in the harbor, and takes care of the provision of permanent and uninterrupted performance of port traffic, technical and technological unity, navigation safety and harbor traffic.

As for human resources, the Service empowers employees and makes them aware of the need to achieve set goals and policies, applying the best available and acceptable processes. and training them in case of accident or emergency situations. In addition, long-term relationships with business partners are established, including achieving goals and policies.

Finally, running all business processes is constantly monitored so that without delay the causes of actual or possible shrinking quality, reliability and security can be recognized and eliminated as soon as possible.