INTERREG CBC Italy-Croatia 2014-2020 DIGSEA

October 17, 2022

DIGSEA – DIGitalisation of multimodal transport in the Adriatic SEA

The Port Authority of Rijeka is a partner in the European project DIGSEA, co-financed through the Interreg Italy-Croatia program. The value that will be available to the Port of Rijeka Authority amounts to EUR 65,000 with 85% of European contribution, and 15% of its own funds.

DIGSEA clusters the technical knowledge developed by realized projects and consolidates it in a single sea-port-hinterland-logistics approach, covering the whole supply chain. The project’s main approach is to consolidate the technical knowledge on ICT applied to maritime and multimodal freight transport by Interreg IT-HR 2014-2020 clustered projects – and beyond – playing the role of a bridge with the new programming period, supporting potential beneficiaries in the project preparation and transferring at transnational level. This way, the experiences and expertise of the current programming period will serve as a basis for the new one, ensuring their long-term sustainability and replicability. Also, they will be transferred to stakeholders and policy makers at EU and transnational level, to engage them and raise the awareness of the use of ICT as a powerful and efficient tool to improve the cooperation in the whole supply chain, streamlining transport flows across different modes.

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