Intermodality of new Zagreb DSCT guaranteed by European funds

April 14, 2018

The project “Improving Infrastructure in Rijeka Port – Container Terminal Zagreb Port” (POR2CORE-ZCT) “is a joint project of Rijeka Port Authority and HŽ Infrastructure. Its goal is to contribute to the growth of the port of Rijeka as one of the core ports in the Mediterranean through ensuring the efficiency, sustainability and multimodality of freight transport. The specific aim is to eliminate the existing narrow gulf and to adapt the railway infrastructure at the Rijeka railway station so that it could cope with increasing transport demand in Rijeka, while promoting urban revitalization by facilitating the transfer of port activities.
The project was reported to the second Call of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Traffic 2015, Cohesion envelope. The Grant Agreement – INEA / CEF / TRAN / M2015 / 1138367 was signed on 18 November 2016 between the Innovation and Networking Agency and the Port Authority of Rijeka, which secured 85% of the co-financing from European funds. The total value of the project is EUR 31.6 million, with HŽ Infrastruktura’s share of EUR 22 million. The project will be implemented from 2017 to 2020.
Reconstruction of the cargo part of the railway station Rijeka and construction of a terminal for railway intermodal transport at the container terminal The Zagreb dock is planned in three stages:
1. Reconstruction of the cargo section of the railway station Rijeka includes reconstruction and extension of 12 tracks and drainage, cable duct construction and installation of telecommunication cables, power and lighting cables as well as works on the contact grid, as well as works on the lower structure in order to improve bearing capacity and drainage (investor HŽ Infrastruktura).
2. Construction of the conveyor belt assembly and construction of cable sewerage in the area of the reconstructed railway freight terminal Rijeka and terminals to the existing condition (investor Port of Rijeka Authority).
Construction of four 400 m long track on a new part of the container terminal on the Zagreb dock and two tracks for portal cranes (investor Port of Rijeka Authority).

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