The most luxurious expedition ship in the port of Rijeka

May 4, 2020

The cruiser “Scenic Eclipse” is a polar cruising ship whose celebratory ship launching took place in mid-September 2019 in New York after being completed in Pula’s shipyard Uljanik. Currently, it is berthed in Rijeka’s passenger port, where it remains during the period of special measures regarding the world corona pandemic . It is a luxury passenger ship 168 meters long and 21.5 meters wide, designed and built in the highest polar class “Polar Class 6” for safe navigation in the demanding seas of the Arctic and Antarctic.

“Scenic Eclipse” has a total of 114 luxuriously equipped double cabins for the highest class of passengers that are taken care of by 172 crew members. Guests have at their disposal a mini submarine that can accommodate seven people, and there is a platform on deck with two helicopters that can explore inaccessible areas. The price of a ten-day cruise is about 15,000 Euros per person.

At the same time a new cruise ship “Eclipse II” has recently begun to be constructed in the shipyard “3. May “.

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