TalkNET: Kick-off meeting

July 8, 2018

The Port of Rijeka Authority as a project partner actively participates in the implementation of the European project called TalkNET Transport and Logistics Stakeholders Network. The project is financed by the Transnational Co-operation Program Central Europe 2014/2020 – Interreg Central Europe 2014/2020 for the purpose of cooperation of the countries of central Europe with regard to transport, and their better connection. The main objective of the Project is to improve the coordination of traffic stakeholders and develop the integration between ports, land terminals and transport operators, as well as the setting up of efficient and sustainable environmental multimodal logistics hubs. An important feature of the Project is an innovative approach by optimizing the existing infrastructure and contributing to increasing the efficiency of the management of existing port terminals as well as their merging to transport routes.

The project consortium, together with the Port of Rijeka Authority, has 15 partners from 8 Central European countries (Italy, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia). The total budget of the Project amounts to 2,536,520 Euros. The affiliated partners  are Port of Rijeka j.s.c., Adriatic Gate j.s.c. and HŽ Cargo j.s.c. The realization of the project is planned within three years, and its finalization is expected by the end of May 2020.

The start of the project activities was marked by the opening / initial meeting of the project – “Kick off meeting”, which was held from 6th to 7th July 2017 in Venice with the goal of representing the project consortium, presenting and agreeing on the project objectives, as well as the presentation of work packages, the agreement on upcoming activities, presentation of the method of work and reporting for the needs of the administrative body of the Program.

The following meeting and the first Project Steering Committee meeting was held from 6 to 7 November 2017. In Krakow (Poland), where the analysis of the activities carried out and the activities envisaged, the main emphasis was on the discussion and harmonization of the methodology for analyzing the work within the envisaged work packages.

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