DigLogs: A new website with pilot project activities

July 19, 2022

A special website representing the results of the DigLogs project pilot activities is available at the new link.

The DigLogs project is a European project co-financed from the program Interreg Italy-Croatia CBC priority axis 4. The project with a total value of 2,555,427.50 Euros is co-financed in the amount of 2,172,113.37 Euros. The project was implemented in the period from 2019 to 2021. The leading partner is the Maritime Faculty in Rijeka, University of Rijeka.

A special website shows the results of pilot activities that were carried out at the location of the passenger port in Rijeka. Activities are aimed at improving the level of supervision, monitoring and safe handling of flows of goods and passengers. One of the goals is to increase the efficiency of transport networks, which can be achieved by improving the synchronization between logistics users, operators and control bodies. In addition, the activities aim to improve the sustainability of logistics systems, by reducing their impact on local communities in terms of traffic congestion and pollution.

The site shows the timely activities of ships in the area of ​​the passenger port, the display of ships on the map and via cameras, the schedule of high-speed lines and the weather forecast.

The DigLogs project involves the cooperation of two countries – Italy and Croatia, and is implemented with the aim of developing the necessary concepts, technological solutions, models and plans, in order to establish advanced digitized logistics processes in multimodal freight and passenger transport present in the program area (the area covered by the mentioned project). The project is focused on the development of key implementation plans for increasing competitiveness and harmonizing multimodal cargo and passenger transport services.

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