BIG DAY: construction of Zagreb DSCT completed

May 24, 2019


On May 23, 2019, at 14.00, a ceremonial program was held at the new container terminal in port of Rijeka celebrating completion of construction works on the Zagreb Deep Sea Container Terminal.
Completion of the works at the new container terminal marks the end of the comprehensive project of modernization of Rijeka’s traffic direction, known as Rijeka Gateway project. With the assistance of the World Bank loan and the budget of Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Port of Rijeka Authority carried out a complete modernization of port facilities. The construction of a new container terminal is also the largest capital project implemented within the Rijeka Gateway project. The Rijeka Gateway project, along with the extension of the Adriatic Gate the container terminal in Brajdica, constructed another, completely new container terminal located in the western part of the port of Rijeka, 400 meters long and 20 meters deep. With these technical features, the terminal represents a new and at the same time the only container capacity in the North Adriatic that is available for further business. With the completion of the construction project within the framework of the Rijeka Gateway project and the intermodal projects funded from the European Funds in implementation, the parallel investment in the related project of the construction of the D-403 road from the Škurinje to Rijeka port at the moment the future concessionaire on the new container terminal is expected and its incestment in further construction of the terminal up to length of 680 meters, and equipment that will have a major impact on the competitiveness of the port of Rijeka in the shipment of containers in the entire Northern Adriatic region.
The value of the investment in the construction of the new container terminal is 112, 5 million Euros, of which 84 million Euro is the World Bank loan and 28, 5 million Euros from the state budget.

Oleg Butković, Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia, Zlatko Komadina, Prefect of Primorsko-goranska County, Vojko Obersnel, the Mayor of the City of Rijeka and Todor Milchevski, a specialist for the private sector of the World Bank, participated in the tour around the new terminal headed by the Executive director oft he Port of Rijeka Authority, Denis Vukorepa. Accompanied by tugboats´ horns, in front of senior officials, guests and representatives of the business port community, Minister Oleg Butković officially announced the completion of works of the new Zagreb Deep Sea container terminal.
The ceremony was followed by the signing of two contracts for the delivery and execution of works under development projects co-financed by the Connecting Europe Instrument (CEF), for which the Port Authority of Rijeka withdrew funds amounting to EUR 132.8 million for a total of seven development projects.
The contract for the execution and delivery of the Port Community System or PCS system on the project “Improving the Port’s Infrastructure Rijeka – Port Community Information System” was signed by Denis Vukorepa and Boštjan Petelin, Director of Actual IT d.o.o, Croatia (on behalf of the  ACTUAL IT doo, Actual IT dd and Integra Group Ltd.). This contract worth HRK 6,402,480.00 + VAT will create and deliver a unique IT system that will be compatible with the Croatian Integrated Maritime Information System CIMIS under the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia and with the Customs Administration system. This project will deliver a complex single data processing interface called ” NSW (National Single Window) to be implemented in the port system of the Republic of Croatia, modeled on European port systems.
Within the framework of the European project “Upgrade of Port of Rijeka Infrastructure – General Cargo Terminal” are today Executive Director of Port of Rijeka Authority Denis Vukorepa and Matjaž Pečovnik, Director, MAP – TRADE d.o.o., on behalf of the Bidder of MAP – TRADE d.o.o. and Komunalne gradnje d.o.o. signed the Contract for the Execution and Completion of Works to Conduct the Reconstruction of the General Cargo Terminal at Raša Port. The implementation of this agreement contributes to enhancing port operations and facilitating the transportation of goods. The main goal of the project is to reconstruct the terminal in the Raša basin and the south part of the pier about 90m and the other part of the coast in the northern part of 74m which will have a positive effect on the security and quality of the service and increase the capacity in the transhipment of the general cargo in the port Raša. The value of this project is 46.850.197,16 kn + VAT.

By completing the construction of a new port infrastructure within the framework of the Rijeka Gateway project, along with a number of not less important projects co-financed by the European Funds with the aim of improving intermodal infrastructure, reconstruction of the existing infrastructure and enhancement of the information system of the port community, Rijeka portrays transformation into a strongly intermodal port center of fast integrated connectivity and achieves key position on the global transport corridors.

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