Interreg CE – GreenerSites

December 20, 2017

Environmental Rehabilitation of Brownfield Site in Central Europe – GreenerSites

City of Venice – leading partner
Port of Rijeka Authority – project partner


The project is implemented by co-financing from the Transnational Cooperation Program Central Europe 2014/2020 – Interreg Central Europe 2014/2020, which promotes regional cooperation of Central European EU member states. The total budget of the project GreenerSites is 3.795.796,00 EUR. Project financing is implemented in the ratio of 85% EU – 15% PRA, of which the Port of Rijeka Authority’s budget is 244.721,00 EUR.  The project duration is 36 months (1 June 2016 – 31 May 2019).

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The area of the former Ina oil refinery on Mlaka is an extremely attractive, functionally unused space at the very city centre, and it represents an area that needs to be revitalized. Therefore, the possibility of revitalizing this part is fully integrated into a project aimed at improving the environment of poorly used and neglected industrial areas (brownfields) by defining strategies and activities based on an integrated and sustainable approach. Increasing the ecological feasibility in neglected areas will result in improved working and living conditions of the population in the area involved (functional urban areas/FUAs). Therefore, the Port of Rijeka Authority, together with other project partners, filed a Pilot Project called “Renovation of the former refinery area jointly owned by the City of Rijeka, the Port of Rijeka Authority and the private company INA d.d.”


To improve the management of unused or underused industrial areas. This is to be achieved by defining strategies and tools that are based on a sustainable and integrated approach, in order to make functional urban areas (FUA) cleaner, healthier and more comfortable places to live.


Analysis of the existing situation in the area of the former port of special purpose – industrial port of Mlaka, and proposals for solutions for possible environmental protection as well as issues related to the future use of port space in accordance with development plans for the port and the whole covered area will be elaborated.


•City of Venice, Italy
•ISW – Institute for Structural Policy and Economic Development, Germany
•Municipality of Celje, Slovenia
•Mazovia Development Agency, Poland
•Municipality of Solec Kujawsky, Poland
•Veneto Region, Italy
•Port of Rijeka Authority, Croatia
•Venice Port Authority, Italy
•City of Bydgoszcz, Poand
•City of Rijeka, Croatia
•Ministry of Regional Development and Transport Saska Anhalt, Germany
•Environment Agency Austria, Austria
•NICOLE – Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe, The Netherlands
•Industrial Zone of Porto Marghera, Italy
•Municipality of Radom, Poland
•Regional Directorate of the Environment Protection Bydgoszcz, Poland
•Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park, Poland
•Energo Ltd., Croatia
•Surf Italy – Thematic working group of Reconnet on sustainable remediation, Italy
•Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy
•Marshall office of Kujawsko – Pomorskie Region, Poland
•Brownfield Authority of Saxony Anhalt, Germany
•Regional Inspectorate of the Environmental Protection Bydgoszcz, Poland
•Slovenian Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Slovenia
•City of Halle, Germany

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