SEABIN – a new sea cleaning device in the passenger port

February 7, 2020

On Friday, February 7, 2020, at 11:00 am, Seabin, a floating waste bin was installed at the Riva Boduli (along the large pontoon) in the Rijeka passenger port. Seabin is a floating waste bin that can that continuously filters seawater, collecting plastics, microplastics, detergents, oils and other materials from the surface, preventing them from spreading to the open sea where they can harm marine flora and fauna. On average, Seabin collects about 1.5 kg of floating waste a day.
The initiative of S.E.A. (Save, Embrace, Achieve) donates this equipment to the Port of Rijeka Authority for use, with the common goal of raising awareness of the need to protect and conserve the marine environment by implementing sustainable solutions for its use and management of the marine property as one of most valuable resources.
The position of the Seabin will be located at the beginning of the floating pontoon at the Riva Boduli , as shown in the attached photo. The installation of this device, which aims to collect and monitor various wastes and thereby improve the system for monitoring micro-plastic data, was attended by Radmila Krtinic, Assistant Director for Legal, Personnel and General Affairs, Rajko Jurman, Head of Commercial Affairs, Port of Rijeka Authority, Moreno Pajkovic , leader and coordinator of the initiative.
The “S.E.A.” (SAVE, EMBRACE, ACHIEVE) initiative is the name of the action carried out by an informal group of citizens from Rijeka and the Rotary Club of Rijeka New vawe. The initiative was launched in May 2019, to raise funds for the acquisition of Seabin devices. Procurement of devices is an important step that encourages society to implement a number of innovative technical solutions.
The seabin device enables the collection and analysis of various wastes floating by sea. As a result, it is also becoming part of a comprehensive micro-plastic database system.
The Port of Rijeka Authority has been assigned the device for care and management. The intention of the New Wave Rotary Club is to connect with other interested stakeholders through this initiative.

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