Donation of the air-conditioning equipment to the Clinical Hospital Centre Rijeka

January 21, 2020

On January 21, 2020, a meeting of representatives of the Port of Rijeka Authority and the Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka was held at the headquarters of the Port of Rijeka Authority. On this occasion the Port of Rijeka Authority donated the air-conditioning equipment to the KBC Rijeka.
Acknowledging the reputation and importance of the Rijeka Clinical Hospital Center for the community, and a key contribution to the quality of life for citizens of Rijeka and the wider region, the Port of Rijeka Authority donated a total of five high energy efficiency air-conditioning units to the healthcare institution, including installation costs. The donated technique will serve to improve the standard of residence of patients in hospital wards.
The donated equipment was used by the Port of Rijeka Authority for its own purposes, and it was located on the administrative building where the works on the restoration and decoration of the facade are in progress. The building was built in 1855 and represents a historically important building in the area of the protected urban unit of the city of Rijeka. The facade will be restored and renovated and the original appearance of the then-Maritime guberniya Palace will be restored, thus it is not possible to re-install external units of air-conditioning equipment on the renovated facade of the building. With the donation, functional air-conditioning equipment of high energy efficiency will be handed over to KBC Rijeka for further use.
The event was attended by Denis Vukorepa, Director of the Port of Rijeka Authority, and Ms. Snježana Juričić, Assistant Director of Nursing and Mr. Gradimir Šain, Head of the Technical Affairs Department. from the Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka.

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