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December 20, 2017

Low carbon transport in cruise destination cities – LOCATIONS

AREA Science Park-Trieste/Italy – leading partner
Port of Rijeka Authority – project partner

The programme of transnational cooperation Mediterranean 2014/2020 – Interreg CE Mediterranean 2014/2020 focuses on capacity building for smart and sustainable growth, encouragement of low-carbon economies, energy efficiency development, protection and promotion of natural and cultural resources of the Mediterranean and development of multilateral institutional frameworks, in order to jointly address the common challenges. The total budget of the project Locations is 3.012.605,75 EUR.  Project financing is implemented in the ratio of 85% EU – 15% PRA, of which the Port of Rijeka Authority’s budget is 119.751,25 EUR.

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Low carbon transport in cruise destinations deals with the accompanying effects of the cruise tourism by supporting local authorities in developing low-carbon mobility plans and contributes to the definition of plans for sustainable traffic flow management generated by the cruise tourism within wider strategic plans of port cities.


To reduce the impact of cruise ships on urban mobility and to reduce gas emissions during the time cruise ships stay in ports.
For the purpose of effective solutions to these problems, the PRA will undertake the development of necessary solution tools through project activities:

  • Creating a Low-Carbon Transport and Mobility Plan for cruise ships and the city’s urban transport
  •  Developing a feasibility study and a financial plan for the implementation of the Low-Carbon Transport and Mobility Plan
  • Selection and cooperation with the Port of Zadar where the Low-Carbon Transport and Mobility Plan for cruise ships will be developed
    The project duration is 36 months.

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