Vision 2020

By completing a series of capital projects that include infrastructure projects for the construction and improvement of the railway infrastructure at the port, Rijeka will become a strong intermodal centre in the northern Adriatic and one of the most important transit ports for European markets that naturally gravitate toward it, thereby improving the connectivity of the port and the hinterland and increasing intermodality in the Rijeka transport route.

By the end of 2020, the period of the investment cycle in the Port of Rijeka will end with the realisation of six development projects funded by the European Fund CEF in the total value of 115,5 million EUR. The whole investment cycle will include not only the realisation of European projects, but also the realisation of ongoing capital projects. Firstly, by 2020, the Port of Rijeka Authority will complete the construction of the Zagreb Deep Sea Container Terminal within the Rijeka Gateway Project, start the works on the road D403 by combining funds from European funds and the state budget, and finally, enable a tender for the future concessionaire at the new container terminal, which will have a major impact on the capacity and efficiency of the Port of Rijeka in the transhipment of containers and a significant increase in the share of rail transport of containers on the railway line.


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