Roads D-403 and D-404 – important preconditions for development

Two most important preconditions of the development of the Rijeka transport route is the construction of state roads D 403 and D 404 in order to connect the western (D 403) and east (D 404) part of the port basin Rijeka and Sušak to the Croatian motorway network. Road D-404 connects the center of the city of Rijeka from Delta to the eastern part of the Rijeka Bypass and provides connections with the motorways towards Zagreb, Ljubljana and Dalmatia. There are two tunnels, one bridge, five viaducts, one exit to the shopping center, and two exits for pedestrians. The state road was released in May 2011.

Road D-403 will connect new Zagreb Deep Sea containter terminal with the western part of Rijeka Bypass. The Grant Agreement for the DC403 State Motorway Construction Project provides funds for the construction of a new state road that will connect the future Zagreb Deep Sea container terminal and the port of Rijeka directly to the main Croatian road corridors further towards Europe. This link to the port in Rijeka, defined as the core port of the Trans-European Transport Network TEN-T, connects with the rest of the transport network, which, along with the rail linkage with the hinterland, is an important prerequisite for its efficiency and competitiveness. the construction will be completed until 2022. It is funded by Hrvatske ceste ltd, Ministry of Sea, transport and infrastructure and Central agency for financing EU programs and projects.