Project implementation of video surveillance

The project encompassed the implementation of the video surveillance system. The project aimed to increase the safety of the port area under the management of the Port of Rijeka Authority, and to provide better access control facilities and the possibility of reconstruction of events through video and access control databases.

The purpose of the new modern control system, comprising continual video-control over all major points as well as control of the vehicle and persons entering the port area, is to provide for an improved control of the port area – in fact, the marine border crossing. The control of the port area is effected from the modern control centre which, with the help of patrol car (0-24 h), ensures prompt intervention in case of any unforeseen events.

The control of people and car traffic within the port area is affected by modern system whose main elements are magnetic cards and corresponding software. The vehicle entrance to the port is equipped with electrically driven ramps activated by the card reader devices. The railway port entrance is provided with metal doors also opened by the card reader devices. All pedestrian entrances are provided with the so called tripods that are also magnetic card-activated. The implementation of the control system, as described above, has considerably contributed to the improved safety and protection within the port area.