Urgent notice for cargo vehicles

October 29, 2019

On Monday, 4.11.2019. The exclusive application of the application Portunus.hr for the online announcement of the entry of trucks into the Rijeka port area begins, and there will no longer be a possibility to announce the entry of trucks physically. Therefore, all announcements of truck arrivals in the port area for the month of November must be reported through the online application.

We hereby make an urgent invitation to access the new application and inform all your business users and partners entering the port area of ​​Rijeka managed by the Port of Rijeka Authority about the introduction of this new system. Please familiarize yourself with the new procedure as soon as possible in order to avoid any difficulties and to facilitate the smooth operation of the port area.

In order to make the procedure of entry of trucks into the Rijeka port area as simple, fast, safe and cost-effective as possible, the Port of Rijeka Authority introduced in July 2019 an innovative solution for all its users through the special portunus.hr application.

As noted, exclusive application implementation begins on Monday, November 4, 2019. Therefore, we ask users to familiarize themselves with the new procedure as soon as possible in order to avoid possible difficulties and to enable the activities in the port area to be carried out without interruption.

Customer Contact:


Note: before contacting, please register at www.portunus.hr

Detailed application information is available at the links below:
• www.portunus.hr

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