The Government adopted a Decision on Approval of PORE2CORE-AGCT-Dredging

December 13, 2018

At the Government session on 13.12.2018. a Decision was adopted by which the Government Council of the Port Authority of Rijeka would grant approval for a project of dredging the southern berth to the container terminal at the Adriatic Gate and conclusion of its grant agreement. The total estimated value of the entire project is approximately EUR 13.9 million (excluding VAT), of which 80 percent or EUR 11.12 million will be financed by the investor or the Rijeka Port Authority. To the Rijeka Government Council for this investment funds from the Instrument for Connecting Europe (CEF) program were approved in the total amount of EUR 2,782,310.00. by completing this investment, a new depth on the Adriatic Gate’s container terminal will enable the reception of large container ships throughout the terminal’s length.

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