SUSPORT: Installation of LED lightning system at the Rijeka breakwater – contract signed

February 7, 2022

On Monday, February 7th, 2022 the Port of Rijeka Authority signed a contract worth HRK 1,384,198.75 with VAT (HRK 1,107,359.00 + VAT) with the company Elektro-energetika Ltd., Zagreb for the purchase and installation of the LED lighting system at the Rijeka breakwater.

In accordance with the agreed deadlines, the entire process of procurement and installation of the LED lighting system will last for 120 days, including the replacement of lightning equipment (lamps and lamp posts) on the Rijeka breakwater in the length of approximately 1700 meters. The works will start in the following 10 days, will be performed in several phases and completed by the end of this May.

This project will introduce environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient public lighting technology that ensures minimum electricity consumption, low maintenance costs and minimum CO2 emissions at the entire Rijeka breakwater.

In precisely three months, the favorite promenade of all Rijeka´s citizens will shine with a new splendour in its full length and provide the passenger port and the center of Rijeka with a new view from the land and the sea.

This is another project of the Port of Rijeka Authority that is co-financed by EU funds. It is the program SUSPORT, Interreg Italy – Croatia with the estimated total budget 440,000.00 EUR (approximately 3,319,000.00 kn) for the Port of Rijeka. Project financing is implemented in the ratio of 85% by EU funds and 15% by Port of Rijeka Authority´s budget.

In 2022, the Port of Rijeka Authority plans to use funds from the SUSPORT program for purchase and installation of public lighting system, purchase of new electric vehicles and installation of charging stations at the Rijeka breakwater, as well as other anticipated expenses.
Concurrently with major ongoing infrastructure projects for cargo port development in the port area, the Port of Rijeka Authority continues to invest in the development of passenger/nautical port in the center of Rijeka and other facilities in this part of the port significant to citizens and visitors to Rijeka for its approachable and safe access to the port and the sea.

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