Green Port Summit 2018

September 29, 2018

Implementation of Environmental Protection at the Green Port Summit Conference
From September 24-29, 2018, during the Naples Shipping Week event, a Green Port Summit conference was held at the Maritime Stazione Convention Center in Naples, where many international associations and ports participated and presented their prospects on technological innovations, best organizational practice , new fuels for energy and ecological efficiency of maritime traffic and ports. Most national ports are close to very urbanized areas whose ecological balance is a great risk. Ship emissions and port facilities contribute, despite compliance with environmental regulations to the deterioration of air quality. However, technological innovations, based on the digital integration of specific energy and environmental solutions, will offer competitive mitigation, provided that environmental benefits come to accept infrastructure and operational decisions.
The tendency to reduce the impact on the environment is also a prerequisite and a great ally for the development and consolidation of port reconstruction projects. precisely because of the fact that in the Rijeka Administration Rijeka is working intensively on the modernization of terminals and equipment, the representative of the Port of Rijeka Authority, Vojko Kocijan presented new port capacities with great potential for a greener green solution. New technologies and innovative solutions have been presented for the effective implementation of ambitious environmental targets in ports, in line with the efficiency and competitiveness criteria required by operators. Finally, the round table, with the participation of the Port Authority body, presented mid-term plans and ongoing pilot projects to consider the main options for intervention with a view to reducing environmental impacts and developing new port reconstruction projects

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