INTESA – Kick-off meeting and a technical seminar

March 29, 2019

On Friday, March 29, 2019, a technical seminar “Information technologies for security: a common Italian and Croatian perspective for the Adriatic Sea” was held within the European project Intesa, co-financed by the European program Interreg CRO/It, a which included policy makers and policy makers the highest level in the maritime sector (IALA, EMSA) and discussions how ICT solutions can improve data exchange, navigation safety and the best port efficiency.

The project, worth a total of 2.9 million Euros, lasts a total of 30 months (ending June 30, 2021) and envisages joint actions aimed at increasing the nautical accessibility and security of major Adriatic ports through the adoption of IT systems for real-time data exchange and assistance. navigation, with the aim of improving the efficiency of maritime transport, safety of navigation and harmonization of procedures in Adriatic traffic. The Port of Venice, with a budget of 440,000 euros, through innovative IT technologies and virtual navigation aids, will optimize inbound / outbound traffic management nautical accessibility and operations will be improved.

In a special part of the seminar, the best cases of initiatives implemented in the ports of Venice and Chioggia were presented.

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