Exportdrvo Warehouse – Concession contract signed

May 22, 2020

The Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Oleg Butković, and the Mayor of the City of Rijeka, Vojko Obersnel, jointly signed the Concession Agreement for the special use of maritime property, for the purpose of the ‘Rijeka – European Capital of Culture 2020’ program.

The concession agreement was signed for a period of five years, and the concession fee was determined in the symbolic amount of 1 kuna per square meter for use of the maritime domain, since the concession in the port of Rijeka is awarded by this Agreement to the City of Rijeka for activities of the project Rijeka – EPK 2020, which include the production and performance of cultural, artistic and entertainment programs and events, such as exhibitions, music and stage performances and other activities.

On the occasion of signing the Agreement, Minister Butković emphasized the importance of cooperation between the Port of Rijeka Authority and the City of Rijeka, stating that: “the five-year concession is symbolic and that cooperation on an important investment project in Porto Baroš basin. The government will make a decision to exclude Porto Baroš from the Port Authority, and that is a precondition for investing in that area. “

The conditions for signing the Agreement were met after the proposal of the Decision on granting a concession for the use of the former Exportdrvo warehouse, ie the entire area, which extends over 5.6 square kilometers, was adopted at last week’s session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

The Port of Rijeka Authority invested in the renovation of the Exportdrvo building which includes repairing the roof, arranging the fire escape, sanitary block and replacement of electrical installations  in the amount of 4.3 million HRK  before the handover to the concession.

The Signature ceremony was attended by Nina Perko, Head of the Maritime Domain, Port and Concession System Sector of the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Ivan Šarar, Head of the Culture Department of the City of Rijeka and Denis Vukorepa, Executive Director of the Port of Rijeka Authority.

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