COSCO launches Pirraeus – Rijeka Express (PRS)

July 22, 2019

Since Monday, July 22, 2019, a new direct container line Pireus Rijeka Express is introduced between the port of Rijeka (Adriatic Gate Container Terminal) and Piraeus port in Greece. The Chinese shipping company COSCO will maintain the service on a weekly basis.

The vessel “Andante” will ship in the line, with the capacity of 850 TEU. the container discharged from vessel on Monday will be dispacthed by rail the day after (tuesday) towards Budapest, where the arrival is expected on Thursday. Export train from Budapest leaves on Friday and arrives to Rijeka on Sunday, just in time to be loaded on vessel on Monday.

By this setup, interlinking overseas and rail services within the term Rijeka Landsea Express, Cosco offers its client overall transit time: 32 days from East China and 28 days from South China to Budapest, using Piraeus and Rijeka as ports.

The direct line guarantees a stable and reliable service where delays are reduced to a minimum if compared to a feeder service with several ports.

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